Pressure Washing

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Refresh Your Home's Exterior With a Wash

Ask about our pressure washing services in the Lynnwood & Seattle, WA areas

Is your deck covered in dirt after the last storm? Maybe there's still dried Silly String on your home's siding from your kid's last birthday party. Michaels Handyman Services can make your home shine again with our pressure washing services.

We can pressure wash your:

  • Siding
  • Deck and patio
  • Driveway
  • Outdoor stairs

We'll inspect the area you want washed before choosing the right soap and water pressure level for the job. Call us today at 540-214-4529 to learn more about our pressure washing services in Lynnwood & Seattle, WA.

We're a pressure washing company you can trust

DIY pressure washing can be extremely dangerous, new pressure washing companies don't always know what they're doing. Save yourself time and worry by hiring our experienced team. We can clean your home, barn or shed in a timely manner.

Contact our pressure washing company today schedule us for your next pressure washing.